Church Youth Group Fundraiser Ministry - Free No Cost - No Risk - Best Fundraiser Program in America



The T.A. Hamilton Magic with a Message Ministry Offers a No Cost No Risk Alternative to Traditional Fundraising Options. This is a Faith Based, Non Denominational Fundraiser that will provide a great harvest of Money for your Church or Youth Group and a Great Harvest of Souls for Christ Jesus our Lord. Money is a Weapon to Defeat Satan and to Win Souls for Christ. That is our mission and we will bring in more for your program than any Cookie Dough sales, any Candy Bar sales, any Gift Item sales, Rummage sales, or anything else being advertised today. First, This is a Ministry, set in motion by the Holy Spirit for the empowerment of the body of Christ. We work closely with you to get the most out of the experience. Magic with a Message Ministries was born of prayer and searching and we will stand with you to achieve your goals for your Church or Youth Group.

Do NOT sign with any fundraiser company until you speak with us. They do not have your best interests at heart and because they are selling merchandise they could care less to whom they sell it. Look at this amazing new program and decide for yourself. Your success depends solely on "Whom You Choose to Believe".

The other Fundraising Companies will provide you with 20% to 30% maximum return on the sales of their merchandise which to be quite honest could be purchased at walmart for half the price. It is usually stuff nobody wants anyway, they get box car loads of closeout merchandise and pawn it off on the unsuspecting Church or Youth Group who is just trying to raise funds for a particular purpose.  We on the other hand provide you with a Bare Minimum of 50% of Sales and 100% of two "Piggy Back" Fundraisers (which means that they go hand in hand with the main fundraiser) but these two additional "Piggy Back" Fundraisers will net you an additional $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 or more. Most of our groups will make this year from our Ministry Program, well over $10,000.00 and get this... IT IS ALL IN ONE NIGHT (results may vary due to planning and efforts) It could be more than that, it all depends on how much effort you bring to the table, but it sure beats standing out in front of Walmart trying to sell candy bars for $2 when they are selling the same candy bars inside for 50 Cents!

This is the Church and Youth Group - "World's Greatest Fundraiser Program"   Call us today 402-366-0401